burst of flavor for every palate

Fresh Scallion

Fresh Garlic

Fresh Parsley

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Lime

Fresh Pepper

Fresh Natural Ingredients

A perfect blend of taste 

Love At First Taste

First time opening the jar your mind is taken in a variety of different directions.  Having a welcoming distinct smell, it intrigues your taste buds immediately. A Mustard sweet color, with the initial taste of spices provides a kick of garlic tones and other aromatics to initiate the palate.  Awakening the taste buds just enough to want to visualize a lathering grilled steak, bowl of rice or a mixture of steamed vegetables; it is the perfect taste combination for all. The aromas of KP are just as satisfying as the taste and will attract everyone in presence.

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Cut Prep Time by 90%

Flavor In Every Bite

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95% of KP ingredients are made with Fresh Spices.

Yes, KP is 100% Gluten Free.  KP does not consist of any wheat, barley, rye or triticale.

Yes, KP has an extended shelf life and with 95% of KP coming from Fresh Ingredients it is safe to consumer after the “Best if used by date”

This will change for each consumer and the dish that is being prepared.  Some consumers will use one bottle of KP for four meals. The suggested amount is 1 tsp per serving, 42 servings per bottle however, if you enjoy the taste of KP you will more than often use more than suggested serving amount for your meal.

If KP is left out of the refrigerator for an extended period of time you may notice a slight color change, KP is still safe to consume at this point.

No, KP is not produced near any peanuts or tree nut products.

Yes, if you notice a slight color change after opening KP it is still safe to use. The color may vary slightly if you leave it out for too long without refrigeration.   It is still safe to consume, we do however suggest storing KP in the fridge.

Yes, KP can be shipped outside of the United States.